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Privacy the Collection of Personal and Business Information.

Transformation is committed to protecting the privacy of individuals visiting our website. We do not collect personal information or information that can identify individuals or businesses, unless those individuals attempt to use unauthorised means to access our resources. In these cases Transformation will notify relevant State and Federal law enforcement authorities and pass identifying information to them.

We do collect anonymous information. Such information - e.g. number, date and time of visits to the website and pages of the website visited - is collected for statistical purposes only, to assist us to improve our services.

Detailed Transaction Information

Detailed information kept by Transformation and Seecue is restricted to information that would be collected in the normal course of business, when a sale and purchase decision are made. This information is only used for the retail, business or accounting purposes which the user and Transformation intended.

This website creates one "cookie" to store your preferences - page layout, recent searches etc, which is passed back to your pc for reuse when you visit later. Parts of the site are accessible only to authorised users with appropriate user identification and passwords. All access to these non-public areas is monitored and logs kept of all actions taken.

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