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Transformation Management Services is a leading provider of strategic advice, research and analysis of dispute management systems, their failure, and remediation options for getting costs under control.

Transformation's principals and associates: economists, actuaries, and experts in mediation, statistics, and government policy, have provided some of the most profound advice underpinning fundamental changes to the dispute management environment in Australia over the last 16 years.

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     Michael Hall - Principal
Transformation Systems and Seecue
Seecue is an innovative technology developed by Transformation Systems. It takes the Transformation team into the realm of online video, synchronised transcripts, and the wealth of corporate social networking and IPTV opportunities emerging from the consumption of over 1.2 billion web videos per day.

Seecue builds on 18 years of experience of developing large LAN and web database applications for Government and corporate clients.
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Seecue can be examined on its own site at
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