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Michael Hall, Managing Director
MBA (Melb), MSc(Prelim), BSc(Mon), DipEdPsych

Michael Hall is a senior IT professional, General Manager and Consultant. He is an experienced analyst, has managed IT systems for a Victorian Government agency and brought major client server systems in the Finance/Securities and Government sectors from concept to completion.

Michael has spent the last decade or so as managing director and CEO, developing innovative technology applications and management reporting systems. Prior to private sector management, Michael has had careers in IT systems development, government administration, education and training and psychology. He has a breadth of knowledge in Law enforcement systems, case management (both judicial and medical), facilities management and document management systems for banks and government. Michael was a senior executive in the Victorian Government (Premier and Cabinet, TAFE sector, Business and Employment).

Within both government and private companies, Michael's system development work has included reviews of current work practices and business procedures, and the re-development of business processes to exploit technological opportunities. He has devised a quality-based, iterative application development model. This model has been successfully used to achieve low cost, rapid application development for small and large systems and their later transition to evolved products.

Michael has knowledge and experience in a range of LAN, WAN and mainframe IT environments and has developed in-house architecture for very large on-line databases. Under Michael's guidance, Transformation Systems is completing work on an innovative video content technology for new generation web sites (Web 2.0). This technology called ‘Seecue’ provides capacity for users to search the content videos in the same way that text pages are searched now. This has been a major R&D effort to bring an Australian innovation to market. Seecue will be released shortly for commercial evaluation.

Project Resources

Projects are completed using a range of additional resources from associated companies and sub-contractors. We bring a large network of people with the best skills available to each project. Most are principals in their own right offering a higher degree of expertise than is usually found in in-house projects. We have strong and well tested working relationships.

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