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DMP Penalties Resource Paper Oct 2013

Timeliness Report ACJI (Monash) Oct 2013

Self-Represented Litigants Report ACJI Oct 2012

Designing Dispute Systems National Mediation Conference Sept 2010

Magistrates Court Mediation - Evaluation of Broadmeadows Pilot - 2009

Dispute resolution in workers compensation - Using proportional cost measures to design better systems
AIJA conference paper September 2004

WorkCongress5 - Disputation in workers compensation - Initiatives across Australia since 1995

Deterring Reconsiderations - An Analysis of Disputed Claims in Comcare October 1996.
This report identifies internal causes of disputes and recommends key avoidance strategies.

Resolving Disputes - A System to Deliver Best Practice in Workers Compensation, November 1995.
Most States of Australia are adopting the best practice recommendations made in this report.

Preventing Disputes - Best Practice in Dispute Resolution 1993

Towards Common Ground website - March 2000
An online guide to resolving Native Title disputes.

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