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Company Profile

Transformation Management Services specialises in providing advice on dispute system design and case management to the commercial and government sectors. Using in-house programming capacity, the company delivers spohisticated modelling and data analysis of complex systems and advises on and implements strategic change. Transformation Management Services was established in 1992 and operates in all states of Australia and New Zealand. The company's experience has delivered ground breaking reform in:

  • Case Management Strategy,
  • Complex systems change management,
  • Private sector complaint systems,
  • Law reform and dispute systems analysis,
  • Case management technology.

Michael Hall is an experienced senior manager with qualifications in psychology, statistical analysis, management and experience in IT systems in government and private industry. He is also a senior consultant with skills in system analysis, policy advice and change management. Transformation Systems.

Nerida Wallace was a Principal of Transformation from 1992 to 2014. Nerida was co-author of all of our significant work in this period. She has left to pursue a passion that will impact the improve the viability and standing of Lawyers in Victoria and Australia. We wish her well in these endevours.

Transformation Management Services has a track record in cutting disputation costs for a range of Australian and New Zealand clients; as well as early intervention strategies and successful best practice approaches. It is skilled in obtaining acceptance of complex system changes from a range of stakeholders with a successful record in negotiating and managing critical issues for stakeholders in compensation systems and representing their interests in interactions with Government. More recently it was also successful in introducing compulsory mediation to the civil jurisdiction of the Magistrates Court of Victoria.

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