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Michael Hall MBA (Melb), MSc(Prelim), BSc(Mon), DipEdPsych

Michael Hall is a principal of Transformation Management Services. Michael is a senior IT professional with strategic planning and operational experience in both Government and Private sector organisations. He has general management experience and detailed understanding of government policy development and service provision in Central Government, Education Justice and Employment.

Michael has extensive experience in business systems analysis and design specialising in highly complex multiple site and user systems. Michael has also conducted scientific empirical research and taught statistical analysis. Michael provides quality control over company products. He has built IT systems to manage complex transactions for various clients including a national bank and the Victoria Police.

Nerida Wallace LLB

Nerida Wallace's profile is presented here to provide historical reference for the work she undertook for transformation over the past 22 years.

During this time, Nerida was is a solicitor, consultant and author. She was a Principal of Transformation Management Services and held a legal practising certificate in Victoria. (See for pictures) Nerida has internationally recognised credentials in the design and evaluation of dispute systems in workers compensation. Her major strength is in managing change in complex environments. As part of Transformation, she drew together multi-disciplinary teams and employed a broad network of contacts to successfully complete major projects.

Nerida was retained by many of Australia's top companies that privately insure worker injury, and worked with Government regulators and insurers. With our associates, she provided high level strategic advice on issues such as influencing government policy and long term approaches for the achievement of business objectives in the market. National and state industry bodies retained Nerida for advice on industry cost negotiations, strategic management of government interaction, board briefings, coaching key principals and long-term campaign management.

During her leadership as a Principal in Transformation Nerida worked with groups on a number of contraversial issues to achieve better outcomes for both clients and Government. The issues ranged from fee structures to the application of legislation. The extensive group of affiliates with specialist legal, economic, actuarial and media backgrounds retain their association with Tramsformation Management Services.

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